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What are government grants

Government grants are non-repayable financial awards and incentives from federal agencies and public for-profit & not-for-profit organizations, often given to individuals, businesses, and organizations with the intention of stimulating/growing the economy and creating job opportunities. There are also education funding opportunities (Pell grants) provided to help students in need. The government does not provide grants to individuals for personal pleasure.

The federal government/congress issue funding to each state within the United States in four different types of categories: Block Grants, Categorical Grants, Project Grants, and Formula Grants.

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Are there free government grants

Government grants are always free to apply, and you do not have to pay back the awarded amount as long as you meet all of the obligations (if any). However, there may be fees involved in preparing for your application package. For example, some business grants may require you to go through certain financial and environmental audit and that will often cost you money upfront.

The majority of public funding opportunities can be found on www.usgrants.org – the official website for government grants in the United States. Some funding agencies and organizations may have the funding opportunities published exclusively on their websites or networks. You can use our website and browse funding opportunities by category and by the agency.